Mountain Gardens


2013 Year in Review


Keenan taking down trees for us early in the year. Clearing space and removing trees turned out to be a theme of 2013.




pollinating mandrakes…



Will’s class out on the terraces…



medicinal meads.  these made with Will’s class.



Pao Zhi, preparing chinese herbs…



Wasabi in flower.



Collecting ‘kinome,’ sechuan pepper tree leaves.



Chinese herb series, weekends throughout the summer.



Ganoderma tsugae, growing on one of many dead hemlocks.



Bare root plant sales.



Looking at plants during a workshop, as Jennifer films.



The ongoing pond construction…



A new home for our remaining beehive.



Peter up in a tree.  He did some great arborist work for us.



Apios priceana flowering.



Jiaogulan, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, Southern Ginseng …



Experimenting with cob…



With Will’s class, discussing the new solar herb dryer.



Will Hooker’s Permaculture class.



Digging up yacon.  This plant overwintered.



Bean harvest.  These were grown from seed given to us by Jim Veteto.



Area cleared for planting, horse manure heaps…



Locust posts along staircase, new planting space in front of house….

Joe Hollis