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seeds For Sale


Seeds are $ 3.00 – 5.00/ packet.  Excepting a few large or rare seeds, packets will contain at least 25 seeds, usually 50 or hundreds of seeds. 

Caulophyllum & Hydrastis supplied as moist-stratified seed, 20 per packet.  Dioscorea (Shan Yao) – packet is 15 bulblets.  Apios priceana – please inquire: harvest of seed is in October and we are sold out quickly.  Fresh seed is important and can be supplied for Sanguinaria (ca. May 31), Tussilago (April-May), and Myrrhis (Jul-Aug).

Larger quantities are available of some species, for growers or retailers - inquiries invited, as are requests for seeds not listed here.


Use our request form or send seed requests to 

Once you hear back from us with the list of what is available and the total price (including shipping), you can mail us a check or use Paypal: Follow the directions there (the account is Mountain Gardens, and the email address is, and you will receive a verification email from them when you finish.