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Chinese Formula Tinctures


Chinese Formula Tinctures

*These are made in our outdoor kitchen and DO NOT meet FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices and are therefore NOT FOR SALE as of May 2010.  What follows is history (except for my neighborhood):

We offer a selection of classic formulas from Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Taoist/martial arts tonic tradition, prepared as full strength tinctures.

Most of these are tonic formulas: used for deficiency conditions, physical and spiritual development (in conjunction with martial arts training or meditation), or for longevity (anti-aging) and to boost the immune-system.

I make these primarily for myself and my neighborhood, and for the education of apprentices. They are made in small batches (pint or quart, depending on how expensive the ingredients are), so they go in and out of stock. They are made in our outdoor kitchen and DO NOT meet FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices and are therefore NOT FOR SALE as of May 2010. (But see below…) They are listed here to show what we do.

These tinctures are prepared primarily from the best quality imported herbs which I have been able to find (Asia Naturals) and our own organically-grown fresh or recent-dried Chinese herbs.

In order to choose an appropriate formula, it is best to have an idea of one’s condition / constitution in Chinese terms; this can be diagnosis by a practitioner of TCM (acupuncture or herbal medicine), or self-diagnosis using texts such as Beinfield & Korngold: Between Heaven and Earth and Kaptchuk: The Web That Has No Weaver.

Additional information, indications and contra-indications, etc is available from the following sources:

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas and Strategies, Dan Bensky, R. Barolet
  • Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines, Jake Fratkin
  • Chinese Tonic Herbs and Radiant Health, Ron Teeguarden
  • Chinese Medicinal Wines and Elixirs and The Tao of Increasing Longevity, Bob Flaws
  • Shaolin and Taoist Herbal Training Formulas, James Ramholz
  • Chinese Herbology and A Bag of Pearls, Subhuti Dharmananda


Click here for a list of the formula tinctures we are currently making, with actions & indications according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

NOTICE: It is not legal for us to sell the tinctures, however, we can sell you the herbs to make your own tincture (at considerable savings). We will supply a 200gram (approx) bag of dried Chinese herbs which you can add to a liter (~quart) of 80 – 100 proof alcohol. Shake daily and begin using after one month. Dosage from 1 tsp to 1 (Chinese) teacup, 1-2 x day.
Price is usually $12/bag, ppd in USA, but some formulas with expensive ingredients cost more. Please check with before sending payment.